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In the Dueling Unit we are prepared and willing to help you in your grieving process.

Institutional Conference on surviving after the loss of a loved one

This is a space where the generalities of the grieving process are exposed and the possibility of clarifying the doubts that arise when a loss is experienced is offered.

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III Interdisciplinary meeting on death and grief

III Interdisciplinary meeting on death and grief


Grief and social isolation

Grief and social isolation

Going through an unexpected situation of recollection at home in the middle of an elaboration process of grief can push us to live a situation of intense emotional pain. If this is your case, we offer you some strategies that can help you in moments of isolation.


comillasopen All the attention and treatment of the mourners is special. I greatly appreciate the support of the entire team of psychologists, thank you for being a human team willing to serve the community and to whom it is requested. comillasclose

Maria José Álvarez Vélez


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